Worst Websites For 2013 – The Ugliest Websites You’ll Ever See

What makes a terrible website you may ask? Believe it or not there are many people that don’t know the difference between a bad website and a good website design. Ironically many web designers themselves have created the worst looking websites ever! Here is my top 10 list of the worst website designs for 2013.

1. The Worlds Worst Website Ever

Worst Website Design Of 2013

This one takes my numero uno pick for the Worst Website Design of 2013. Even though this website was made intentionally as a bad web design example it illustrates what not to do when designing a website such as animated gifs, animated marquees, and a site elements that offer no real user experience.

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2. The Afterlife

2nd ugliest website in the world

This website should be the worst website design of 2013 however it looks like this ghastly website design has no meaning whatsoever! This website gets my number two vote for the worst website of 2013 because this ugly website looks like someone was on bad drugs when this site was created.

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3. Lings’s Cars

3rd Ugliest Website in the world

Ling’s Cars gets the nomination for the 3rd ugliest website in the world. At this time we are trying to determine whether or not if this is a gag website or if it was designed poorly intentionally. I highly doubt this website was designed poorly by accident. If it was then it may get the number one vote for the worst website design in the world. If anyone has any info whether or not this is a real business website please leave a comment.

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4. Arngren.net


This is one of the worst websites that has this world has ever seen. In addition this website has been on the top ten list of the worst websites ever built for over ten years in a row! I don’t think there is anything to explain why this is the 4th worst website in the world.

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5. Ron Oslund’s Home Page


Back in 1995 this was considered a state of the art website. Need I say more?

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6. Constellation Seven


This eyesore get the number 6 spot for worst website design of 2013 for using one of the most awful color combinations and patterns that make reading the content of this website a real headache. Be careful this website may cause you to have a seizure.

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7. Jamil Lin Blog


The Jamil Lin blog get’s my vote for the 7th worst website design in the world. This website uses neutral colors with clashing colors thus making the site content difficult to navigate and read. For a website about the art of Feng Shui, this website does not reflect it.

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8. Mr. Bottles

8th worst website of 2013

Mr. Bottles gets the number 8 spot for bad web design. This website’s colors and graphics clash so bad that it makes it difficult to read and navigate.

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9. Designs 23

9th Worst Web Design Of 2013

This website gets my number 9 vote for the worst website of 2013 because it is obvious that this company is using templates from Template Monster and is selling them as custom web design. The next reason why this website is added to this list is that this website is a template monster template that does not look like it’s intended format.

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10. SG Max


And the final vote for worst website design in the world goes to SG Max. Thanks to A. Richardson for this post. Yet again we find another website design using an ugly layout. I hear a lot of bad web designers profess that ugly websites convert better than pretty websites. If a pretty website does not convert then it’s not a good website and should probably be placed into this list.

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Help Us Update This List!

Leave a comment with a link to a website that you think is really terrible. I would be more than happy to review the website and rank it on this list if it meets our “Worst Websites” criteria. Selected websites will be ranked accordingly.

Watch This Hilarious Commentary by YouTube user TLH 1123

When I first discovered this video I hit the floor laughing, then crying over and over again. Nice work TLH1123 🙂

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60 Responses to Worst Websites For 2013 – The Ugliest Websites You’ll Ever See

  1. Andrew says:

    Major League Baseball (http://mlb.mlb.com/index.jsp) and ESPECIALLY the team websites which MLB manages – they all have the same website “theme.” . I challenge you to find the actual baseball information. Only for reference, I used my favorite team’s website (Red Sox), but all the team websites are the same.

  2. These websites are truly horrendous. How on earth can people put their names to such design monstrosities. Also passing off other people’s templates as your own custom work is completely unethical.

    NB Your link to website number two (The Afterlife) is pointed to the wrong target page.

  3. Gabe says:

    The Artwork page shows individual items that are difficult to identify despite there being names for most of them. Incredibly poor layout. The best though, is the statement of quality control on this page: http://www.sophiapaintings.com/services.html

    Such a shame that the artist’s work is represented by such an awful site.

    • I just reviewed the web page. I noticed that the website could be greatly improved by making some very simple changes such as taking clear pictures of the artwork and properly aligning text and images.

  4. Rory.K says:

    i thought I might share this site with you. I believe that the site is designed this way intentionally, ‘for effect’, but I find it completely bonkerg

  5. Zed Power says:

    After looking at your number one worst sites for a couple of seconds I began to get a headache. Dear God you nailed it!

  6. Lawrence McKinney says:

    For a website designed to sell a product, the grammar in royalstagwhiskey.in is absolutely horrendous

    • @Lawrence McKinney usually poor grammar does not qualify a website as being terribly designed since content and design are two different areas of focus and web designers are not usually copywriters and vice versa.

  7. Hei Arcata Web Design is cool if it doesn’t include the box shaddow, it’s look like flat ui that become trend in 2013 web design. 😀

    And Arcata Web Design has redirect to http://tylerherman.com/ that have beautiful user interface.

  8. A says:

    A terrible site for someone claiming to be a web designer

  9. Aaron says:

    Kinda funny really..


    Your website should be on that list.

    Also Lingcars > you. It converts. U mad?

  10. Tripos says:

    I think also your site need to be at list, it deserve it, its f** ugly …

  11. Luis Morales says:

    I think I found something that tops some of these…..


  12. Bob Thompson says:

    Oh and I have just found one as well. This site is terrible! Nice colored background and bolded times roman text. Eeek. Someone should warn this person.

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  14. Daniel says:

    Small companies are the worst. They try to cram in WAY too much information.

  15. Here is bad layout for your consideration http://www.getsumclothing.com

    • @Ronald Nguyen thanks for the submission. I don’t think this website qualifies as the worst website of 2013. While it could use a facelift it does serve it’s function in a fairly easy to use format.

  16. John says:

    http://www.NASCAR.com … and it is new this year. what a piece of crap.

  17. Lindsey says:

    Link 1 and 2 are the same

  18. gnu says:

    a very outdated website, can’t support ipad and worst design.

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  20. Charles Potter says:

    I suggest Cisco’s new NetSpace site for instructors and students. Very little intuitive except for the team that has been sitting with it day and night.

  21. potigucho says:

    Let me guess: The World’s Worst Website Ever was made with MS FrontPage…

  22. Jon Moulding says:

    just amazing how some websites offend the eye! came across this one from a “media expert” somehow I hope he never gets work from it! ware2connect.co.uk

  23. Lia says:

    Creighton University for a university their overall site is pretty chaotic. Their home page has a new design which is okay but it’s very busy. But then you start looking around and even their base pages don’t match. Some look like they are from the 80’s

    • The one major issue I see on the Creighton University Website is that many pages are not consistent in design and content layout. It creates a poor user experience by abruptly changing the UI in an unexpected manner. Website visitors normally expect a consistent user experience throughout their visit.

      • Luis Morales says:

        How about that 5th Slider, It states the school s top 400, but when you click it you get a 404…..That is not in order, but overall the site is not an eyesore. Our current website, the company I work for, is just about hideous, but we are getting a revamp, I can’t wait to see the final result

  24. Keith Dancey says:

    Not many websites have driven me as apoplectic as that of the UK Consumers’ Association. It offers a “log in” on pages AFTER you have logged in. And, true enough, you can log in multiple times, which means that after you have “logged out”, you can STILL be logged in. It has links on the Home Page which just return to the Home Page. It has pages which disappear after a second. It has pages which cannot be reached… It does not allow users to reset their own usernames… It has multiple broken links…. The whole thing must have been written on the cheap by cowboys, yet this is supposedly the consumers’ champion!

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  26. Tebol says:

    This could easily win the ugliest and the most stupid. Horizantal navigation! Seriously. Please tell us what you think?

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  28. 8ate8 says:

    How about my towns website?


    Makes me feel ashamed to say that this represents where I live. Up until a few months ago, the header image was being resized in the html. I’ve never had to use the Ctrl+F find command more often on a website than there, since there’s no layout or structure to the page.

  29. Doug says:

    I hate my library system’s website. Its cluttered, the color scheme is ugly and the paisley flourishes obscure some text.

  30. Kent says:

    No website #2 is awesome. Come on.

  31. Dr. Nick Riviera says:

    Some badly designed web sites — like the ones listed here — are very funny. But some badly designed web sites are actually harmful and/or incredibly frustrating and costly. For example, my health insurance company’s web site — BlueCross BlueShield — is among the worst. It’s actually several different web sites that refer users to one another with minimal logic or reason. The sites trumpet information that the insurer wants to push, but bury information that users and patients actually need — such as where to download claim forms. The sites are intentionally designed to overwhelm or discourage users from filing health care claims. It is outrageous what they do.

  32. Andy Morton says:

    The Ling’s Cars site is genuine. She was on the British version of Dragons’ Den a few years back – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vtib4WZW_4M

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  34. octadan says:

    Arngren.net is a very succesful business. Their business, as I understood, was based on a printed catalog, and when they made the site, the layout was based on the printed catalog. It seems the people recognize the shitty layout of the catalog and keep coming back.

    Lings’s Cars is even wierder, it seems they are one of the biggest online sellers of cars(in UK). Because of the extreme design, the site became famous. People don`t care to much about the design if the price is right.

    Design is so simple that’s why it is so complicated – Paul Rand

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