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Big Loser of over 130+ pounds. Mother. Optimist. Old Soul. Champion of the Underdog. Passionate God Chaser. Restored. Greetings! I am an avid SEO geek and a passionate advocate and promoter of the Body by Vi 90 day challenge . I have lost over 100+ pounds with the 90 day challenge over the course of a year, but the challenge has changed me in so many ways unrelated to losing the weight. I am passionate about internet marketing, and I'm passionate about the benefits of getting healthy, through lifestyle change. As a community leader of the Body by Vi challenge, I'm fortunate and blessed to speak with several people a day who are looking for a healthy solution to the issues they face due to obesity and poor eating habits. I'm a self-confessed former junk food and fast food-aholic, who learned a healthier way to eat, and a healthier way to live. I'm blessed to be able to share the knowledge I've learned with others who have struggled with weight the way that I did. I'm looking forward to connecting with you. Visit My Google+ Profile

May 16

google-Plus-iconWhen Google Plus first came on the scene, I’ll be the first to admit – I really didn’t see the need for it.

I’m familiar with Google, and I’m familiar with the fantastic and positive effect using Google products can have on your SEO efforts.

Here’s the thing – if you have not already begun to use Google Plus as a platform for sharing and interacting – you are losing out on a valuable asset to your SEO arsenal, and by dedicating some time and effort into building a network on this robust social media platform, you can boost your results and your website credibility to almost instantaneous indexing of anything you post about. Read More

Feb 17

Claiming your Google Places Listing will help your business show up in local searches for your business/industry.

This is a very important step to help your business show up online for searches that are conducted in your area, for your product or service.

This blog will show you the simple steps to claiming your Google Places Listing, within minutes.

First go to Google, and do a search for Google Places.

Claim Google Places Listing

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Dec 28

Social Media for small business: Where to start?

Social Media Strategy For Small BusinessIn my previous post, I stressed the importance of establishing a local social media presence for small businesses. You can read that post here: Use Social Media to build your local business brand.

In this post, we will discuss some quick tips to help you get started.

One of the most important that small businesses need to remember is that in today’s world, over 70% of local consumers begin to do the research for products or services that they want or need online.

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Dec 19

Small Businesses Р Use Social Media to build your local business brand

Small businesses are beginning to recognize the importance of using social media connections to help them build a loyal local following. Social media can also help the small business owner to expand their territories, keep their existing customers updated with new product offerings,and establish credibility for new customers.

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