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Jan 17

What are Meta Tags? And how do I use them to optimize my website for Search Engines? Meta Tags are HTML markup tags that tell search engines and web browsers about your web page. In this tutorial I will show you what Meta Tags do and how they help search engines find out what your web pages are all about. We will use my Search Engine Visibility product page as an example.

Understanding The Title Tag

For example, the HTML for a title tag would look like this.

<title> SEO Services | Search Engine
Visibility Internet Marketing Suite </title>

Here is what the title tag looks like on a web browser’s title bar.

Example of title tag displayed on browser

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Aug 15

Learn how to create Google Offers on a Google+ Page

Creating Offers on a Google Plus Business Page can be a bit tricky if you don’t know where to look. In this Google Plus Tutorial Read More

Jul 16

Web Developer Rob Cubbon interviews me on the subject of Web Development, WordPress, Internet Marketing and how to run a Web Design Business.

Watch the full video and read Rob Cubbon’s thoughts from the original post located at

For more information about London U.K. Web Designer and Small Business Strategist please visit

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May 16

google-Plus-iconWhen Google Plus first came on the scene, I’ll be the first to admit – I really didn’t see the need for it.

I’m familiar with Google, and I’m familiar with the fantastic and positive effect using Google products can have on your SEO efforts.

Here’s the thing – if you have not already begun to use Google Plus as a platform for sharing and interacting – you are losing out on a valuable asset to your SEO arsenal, and by dedicating some time and effort into building a network on this robust social media platform, you can boost your results and your website credibility to almost instantaneous indexing of anything you post about. Read More

Mar 6

Creating a Free Google Site can be a time consuming task for many novices and small businesses. In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to create a Free Google Site.

Step 1: Sign into Google Sites or create an account

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in or create a Free Google account

Step 1 sign into google sites

Step 2: Create the Google Site

Click the Create button

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Feb 19

3 Tips for Web Design You Have to Follow

Tips For Good Website Design & LayoutMost businesses know they need a home on the internet. A lot of them “Google Search” an online web site builder and go with whoever looks good. However, looks can be deceiving. Just because a site looks fancy and is full of bells and whistles that wow you, it doesn’t mean it’s going to wow the customer, or the search crawlers that allow your site (and your business!) to be found. Here are three often overlooked tips to website design that can help improve SEO results as well as make things easier on the visitor. Remember getting once you get people to your website you have to keep them there.

Feb 17

Claiming your Google Places Listing will help your business show up in local searches for your business/industry.

This is a very important step to help your business show up online for searches that are conducted in your area, for your product or service.

This blog will show you the simple steps to claiming your Google Places Listing, within minutes.

First go to Google, and do a search for Google Places.

Claim Google Places Listing

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Feb 15

My Personal Top 5 SEO SCAMS.

It's A Trap!

Admiral Akbar warns Lando Calrissian of Scam Artist SEO companies.

SEO better known as Search Engine Optimzation is a process that can be as simple as adding a few keywords to your website content or as complicated as creating a full scale content marketing strategy. Now today more than ever Snake Oil Salesmen are using SEO to sell you snake oil. In this article I will explain to you the different types of SEO Scams that are being sold to unsuspecting business owners on an unprecedented level.

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Feb 5

Organic SEO is a process used by Internet Marketers that is intended to naturally drive traffic to blogs and web pages through organic keyword searches.  Many website owners have controversial opinions on the processes of Organic SEO. While I am a strong believer in the processes of Organic SEO, I believe that it is necessary for successful online marketing.

Organic SEO Search Results

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Jan 12

Organic SEO by Global Web FX Inc.

What Is SEO?

SEO is the process of optimizing a website to display prominently on the first page of Google’s organic search results. Generally Google ranks websites based on relevance and quality of content. It is up to the SEO to manage a sucessful SEO campaign. The processes below are required in order to have a successful SEO Campaign.

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Jan 10

The other day I was reflecting on my current website and how I have changed the look and feel of my website designs throughout the years. While my early website work is nothing worth writing home about, I must admit that my website designs from 2002 look better than some of my competitions current websites in 2013. And not just in color and neat graphics but in overall aesthetics , useability and call to action. So I decided to share with you the many faces of GlobalWebFX Inc. since 2002. Read More

Dec 19

Small Businesses –  Use Social Media to build your local business brand

Small businesses are beginning to recognize the importance of using social media connections to help them build a loyal local following. Social media can also help the small business owner to expand their territories, keep their existing customers updated with new product offerings,and establish credibility for new customers.

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Oct 1

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team explains how underscores and dashes are treated in page URLs.

Sep 6

Google Sites Setup $149.00

Professional Google Sites Support & Site Design

I think I am falling in Love with Google Sites. Google Sites are a great way to to get a free website. In fact a fellow called me this afternoon wanting a website similar to and I referred him to Google Sites. In less than 10 minutes he had a website that met his needs. I showed him the basics of how to edit, create, and post web pages using Google Sites Free Website Builder.

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Jul 20


Footage Courtesy of +Chris Pirillo

Jul 19

Google Sites Setup $149.00Getting a free website is an easy task these days if you know where to look. In this article I will explain to you where and how you can get a free website and even get low cost support for your free website.

Google Sites is a free online site builder that will let you build a basic website for free. Google’s free online site builder comes with tons of gadgets and is SEO friendly.

How To Get Your Free Google Site

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Jun 3

Matt Cutts the head honcho of Google’s Web Spam team recently released a video on how to report Black Hat SEO and web spammers that manipulate Organic Search results.

Watch This Video On YouTube

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May 26

Affordable SEO Services

Affordable Search Engine offers affordable SEO solutions for anyone that wishes to optimize their own website for increased traffic through organic searches made on popular search engines.

Our Search Engine Visibility Tools will help you with the complete process of Search Engine Optimization. From onsite and on page optimization, to keyword research, and keyword density analysis, this program walks you through the entire SEO process.

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May 21

Getting listed in Google Maps and other local listing websites can be a challenge and frustrating task for many business owners. assists business owners in getting their businesses listed in Local Search Results. In this article I will explain how this process is done, and how the Local Search results work.

The Big Mystery Of Google Maps Placement

I have bad news and good news for you. The bad news is is that Google Places listings are for the most part random results. The good news is is that Google uses it’s awesome algorithms to assist in their placement for local listings.

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Nov 25

Website ContentWriting quality content for your website can be a daunting task for most business owners and webmasters. The fact is is that most business owners don’t know how to or don’t what to write about their products or services. In this article I will help you understand what it will take to write good content for your business website. Even if your writing skills are terrible, this article will help you.

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