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Sep 10

Learn How To Embed Google Plus Reviews In 3 Simple Steps

Reviews are important to any business, especially 5 star reviews. In this tutorial I show you how to embed Google Plus Local Business Page Reviews from a Google Plus page directly into your website or WordPress blog. It is very simple and will only take you about 5 minutes to do.

Step 1: Share Your Google+ Review

Make sure you are signed into your Google Plus Business Page so that you can share your review to your stream.

Share Your Google Plus Review

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Sep 5

Is it true that ugly websites convert better than attractive websites?

I often hear clients, web designers, and SEOs profess that poorly designed, a.k.a ugly websites have higher conversion rates than “pretty websites”. Let’s clear up the smoke and mirrors and debunk this myth once and for all. Read More

Aug 8

Here is a simple 3 level WordPress breadcrumb system that uses Page Templates to print breadcrumbs on your WordPress website.

WordPress Breadcrumbs

While you can use plugins to achieve the same result, this tutorial is for WordPress Theme Designers that do not want to use plugins for their custom WordPress themes.

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Aug 8

What makes a terrible website you may ask? Believe it or not there are many people that don’t know the difference between a bad website and a good website design. Ironically many web designers themselves have created the worst looking websites ever! Here is my top 10 list of the worst website designs for 2013.

1. The Worlds Worst Website Ever

Worst Website Design Of 2013

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Jul 16

Web Developer Rob Cubbon interviews me on the subject of Web Development, WordPress, Internet Marketing and how to run a Web Design Business.

Watch the full video and read Rob Cubbon’s thoughts from the original post located at


For more information about London U.K. Web Designer and Small Business Strategist please visit http://www.robcubbon.com

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May 6

Matthew Shuey wearing goggles looking at the futureHello, my name is Matthew Shuey. I am a local web developer based in Ventura, CA. I posses a unique set of skills and have solid experience in online marketing for businesses of all types. My primary goal is to help small and medium sized businesses in my community and abroad gain the ability to succeed with effective online marketing strategies such as website design, search engine optimization and social media.

On this page you will learn more about my personal side, what makes me tick, why I do what I do, and how my personal life “influences” the way I do things.

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Mar 28


This Interstate Freeway Icon is free to use for commercial and non noncommercial use granted under the creative commons license.

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Mar 20

craigslist-html-ad-designLearn how to create HTML formatted Craigslist ads using WordPress! In this tutorial I will show you how to easily create an SEO friendly HTML Craigslist Ad in under 5 minutes.

1. Log Into A WordPress Website

You will need to have access to a WordPress self hosted website (which I highly recommend) or you can create a WordPress Blog for free at WordPress.com. Create a public blog and give it any name i.e. “Bob’s Craigslist Ads”. Make sure that your WordPress blog is public so that your images will be visible on Craigslist. Read More

Mar 6

Creating a Free Google Site can be a time consuming task for many novices and small businesses. In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to create a Free Google Site.

Step 1: Sign into Google Sites or create an account

  1. Go to http://sites.google.com/
  2. Sign in or create a Free Google account

Step 1 sign into google sites

Step 2: Create the Google Site

Click the Create button

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Feb 19

3 Tips for Web Design You Have to Follow

Tips For Good Website Design & LayoutMost businesses know they need a home on the internet. A lot of them “Google Search” an online web site builder and go with whoever looks good. However, looks can be deceiving. Just because a site looks fancy and is full of bells and whistles that wow you, it doesn’t mean it’s going to wow the customer, or the search crawlers that allow your site (and your business!) to be found. Here are three often overlooked tips to website design that can help improve SEO results as well as make things easier on the visitor. Remember getting once you get people to your website you have to keep them there.

Jan 10

The other day I was reflecting on my current website and how I have changed the look and feel of my website designs throughout the years. While my early website work is nothing worth writing home about, I must admit that my website designs from 2002 look better than some of my competitions current websites in 2013. And not just in color and neat graphics but in overall aesthetics , useability and call to action. So I decided to share with you the many faces of GlobalWebFX Inc. since 2002. Read More

Oct 25

This Position Has Been Filled

I would like to thank everyone that submitted their resume’s. All of you are great web designers and hopefully I will be able to hire all of you in the near future.

Thanks again and keep designing!

Contact GlobalWebFX.comGlobal Web FX Inc. is a growing Ventura County  Web Design & SEO Company that is seeking a professional web designer to create small business websites for small businesses & entrepreneurs located around the world. If you have a passion for design and function then this is a perfect opportunity to hone your skills.

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Oct 1

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team explains how underscores and dashes are treated in page URLs.

Sep 6

Google Sites Setup $149.00

Professional Google Sites Support & Site Design

I think I am falling in Love with Google Sites. Google Sites are a great way to to get a free website. In fact a fellow called me this afternoon wanting a website similar to meetups.com and I referred him to Google Sites. In less than 10 minutes he had a website that met his needs. I showed him the basics of how to edit, create, and post web pages using Google Sites Free Website Builder.

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Aug 20

5 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Web DesignerHiring a good web designer can be a difficult task these days. With today’s decimated economy and large selection of site builder software available to the public, more and more people are turning to web design for an additional stream of income. Unfortunately this has become a big problem and most so called “web designers” are not qualified for the task of building your business website. Often times these individuals lack experience, business knowledge, education and artistic talent to create a successful online presence for their customers.

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Jul 19

Google Sites Setup $149.00Getting a free website is an easy task these days if you know where to look. In this article I will explain to you where and how you can get a free website and even get low cost support for your free website.

Google Sites is a free online site builder that will let you build a basic website for free. Google’s free online site builder comes with tons of gadgets and is SEO friendly.

How To Get Your Free Google Site

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Nov 25

Website ContentWriting quality content for your website can be a daunting task for most business owners and webmasters. The fact is is that most business owners don’t know how to or don’t what to write about their products or services. In this article I will help you understand what it will take to write good content for your business website. Even if your writing skills are terrible, this article will help you.

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May 28


Extended Validation CertificatesAn SSL Certificate enables encryption of online transactions and communications. The 6-in-1 SSL Certificate from GlobalWebFX.com offers a new level of simple, cost-effective security service. With many businesses, purchasing all six variations of their domain name to protect their online identity, GlobalWebFX.com’s new 6-in-1 certificate provides a one-step, cost-saving solution.

Customers can purchase one SSL Certificate to protect all six Top Level Domains (TLDs) including .com, .net, .biz, .info, .us and .org. Until now, separate certificates would have to be purchased to protect each domain name. Each domain name secured under the new 6-in-1 SSL must point to the same Web site.

Before this product was available, Web site managers would have to purchase either an SSL Certificate for a single TLD or buy as many as six – creating the potential for security warnings in customers’ Web browsers or high costs for multiple certificates. With this new 6-in-1 SSL Certificate, e-businesses can save up to 54 percent over the cost of purchasing individual certificates.

“GlobalWebFX.com CEO Matthew Shuey said” Our 6-in-1 Secure Certificates are the perfect match for those businesses that have multiple variations of their own Domain Name.

For more information about the new 6-in1 SSL Certificates, visit http://www.globalwebfx.com/secure-certificates.htm

About GlobalWebFX

Founded in 2004, GlobalWebFX.com is an Ventura, CA based website design and hosting provider. Specializing in new and small businesses, it is our philosophy to provide high quality website design, domain registration, and web hosting services to our clients with the highest regard for quality and service.

May 28


Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework which lets developers easily assemble rich and dynamic Web sites. Programming with Rails allows a Web designer to wrap applications easily around a database. It has been widely acclaimed in Web development and software engineering circles as a new standard for ease of development and speed of delivery.

CEO Matthew Shuey “As the Internet becomes the number one medium for advertising and marketing, it is essential that our shared hosting servers support all web programming platforms to facilitate the increasing number of web designer language preferences”

For more information on GlobalWebFX shared and dedicated hosting plans, please visit www.globalwebfx.com

About GlobalWebFX

Founded in 2004, GlobaWebFX.com is Ventura County based website design and hosting provider. Specializing in new and small businesses, it is our philosophy to provide high quality website design, domain registration, and web hosting services to our clients with minimal impact on our customers budgets.