Wordpress Themes Design

Aug 8

Here is a simple 3 level WordPress breadcrumb system that uses Page Templates to print breadcrumbs on your WordPress website.

WordPress Breadcrumbs

While you can use plugins to achieve the same result, this tutorial is for WordPress Theme Designers that do not want to use plugins for their custom WordPress themes.

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Jul 16

Web Developer Rob Cubbon interviews me on the subject of Web Development, WordPress, Internet Marketing and how to run a Web Design Business.

Watch the full video and read Rob Cubbon’s thoughts from the original post located at


For more information about London U.K. Web Designer and Small Business Strategist please visit http://www.robcubbon.com

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Feb 19

3 Tips for Web Design You Have to Follow

Tips For Good Website Design & LayoutMost businesses know they need a home on the internet. A lot of them “Google Search” an online web site builder and go with whoever looks good. However, looks can be deceiving. Just because a site looks fancy and is full of bells and whistles that wow you, it doesn’t mean it’s going to wow the customer, or the search crawlers that allow your site (and your business!) to be found. Here are three often overlooked tips to website design that can help improve SEO results as well as make things easier on the visitor. Remember getting once you get people to your website you have to keep them there.