Embed Google+ Local Business Reviews On Your Website In 3 Easy Steps

Learn How To Embed Google Plus Reviews In 3 Simple Steps

Reviews are important to any business, especially 5 star reviews. In this tutorial I show you how to embed Google Plus Local Business Page Reviews from a Google Plus page directly into your website or WordPress blog. It is very simple and will only take you about 5 minutes to do.

Step 1: Share Your Google+ Review

Make sure you are signed into your Google Plus Business Page so that you can share your review to your stream.

Share Your Google Plus Review

Not many people know that you can share your Google Plus Reviews. Now in order to do this correctly you must share your Google+ review directly from your Google+ Page and not from the reviewer’s review from their profile. This is important because if you share the reviewers review it will not show their name, thus giving your review a lackluster effect on your website. You cannot share Google Plus Business Page reviews from Google users that have not upgraded to a Google+ account.

Tip: I suggest that you do not add a description to your shared review as it will take away focus from showing the reviewer’s name and the review content.

Step 2: Get The Embed Code From Your Shared Review

Get Review Embed Code

Simply click on the small drop down arrow on the top right section of your Google+ Review and select the “Embed Post” link. This will now give you the code that you’ll need in order to embed your review onto your website. You have the option to enable or disable comments. The choice is yours.

Embed Google Review

Step 2.1: Insert Header Code

In order to get your Google+ Reviews to work on your website you must embed a small JavaScript snippet in between the <head></head> section of your website. In this tutorial I am going to go into my WordPress theme editor and enter the code there. In WordPress go to APPEARANCE>EDITOR and open your HEADER.PHP file.


The technique illustrated below will only work on WordPress themes that do not use a framework like Genesis. For child themes and similar frameworks please see your theme documentation for instructions on how to enter javascript into the head section of your website. By pasting the content directly into your tinymce editor, your javescript will be stripped from the page upon save.

Insert Code Into Header.php

Step 3: Embed The Google Plus Review Into Your Website or WordPress Blog

This is where all the magic comes together. Simply copy and paste the second part of the embed code directly into your website’s HTML editor. Do not embed the code directly into the WYSYWIG editor. If you do it will not work. When done, save and publish your work.

Paste Google+ Review Into Post or Webpage

The Advantage Of Embedding Google+ Reviews On Your Website

The primary advantage to embedding Google+ Reviews into your website is that you will demonstrate what REAL PEOPLE are saying about your business.


Writing testimonials and placing them into your website has never been a good idea. Oftentimes many website owners will write up their own testimonials which will leave a less than credible attitude towards your brand. By embedding Google+ Reviews into your website you will demonstrate that real people are saying positive things about you from an independant and credible third party source such as Google+.

About Matthew Shuey

I focus on internet marketing, front end web development and social media services for entrepreneurs and startups in the United States. I'm an avid Google+ user and I am easily accessible there. For more information please visit my Google+ Profile

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25 Responses to Embed Google+ Local Business Reviews On Your Website In 3 Easy Steps

  1. Neil Ferree says:

    You’re right Matt, this is an A+ technique for embedding a 5 Star Review onto your site. It may come across as being too “self promoting” but when a client gives you a 5 Star rating and praises your work, it doesn’t hurt letting other people know what others have to say about you. Strong Work Dude!

  2. Rowandro says:

    As the web grows trusted reviews will become ever more important. Sadly they are hard to check at times for people as well, as companies make their own positive reviews as well, fooling the public what a company is really like as well.

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  5. sorry but you lost me on step 2 . The part about the other code you need to add. I thought it was just as simple as adding the embed code, but i gather there is ither code “java script too add. I wolud love to try this out but can’t .Could you do a short video on that step

    • The Javascript call is the first half of the embed code. Take that first half of the code and place it between the “” section of WordPress which is in the header.php file.

      You will only need to do this once. If you are using the Genesis Framework, you will need to install the simple hooks plugin and paste the JavaScript section of the embed code into a header hook.

      After that you will only need to paste the second half of the code anywhere in the website. This also includes sidebar and footer widgets.

      I can show you on Google+ Hangouts if you would like.

  6. castellilaw says:

    thanks for reaching out to help I’ll get with you next week.

  7. Danny says:

    Hi. I shared my reviews as instructed in step 1. Unfortunately, there is no drop down options for the embedded codes as you described in step 2. There is a drop down menu option for all reviews to show the chronological dates of the reviews. What am I missing? Please help. Thanks.

    • Danny can you please show me a link to your shared review? If you could comment using your G+ profile it would be easier for me to find your shared review. Also remember to share your review public or it won’t work.

  8. Thank you, this seems to be the only page describing how to do this on the entire internet, according to Google! I did as you described for my locksmith business and am very pleased with the result. Blessings upon you!

  9. While this is certainly very cool, I’m looking for a way to access reviews directly via Google’s API. However, I can’t find a way to do it. Anyone know how?

  10. sumoncps says:

    I want to show my G+ review in my website rich snippet, then how it is possible to have them?

    • Writing reviews on behalf of others on your own website or anywhere else is not considered a best practice. Those rich snippets for reviews are meant for product and service review sites although many local businesses and SEOs abuse them. I would stay away from doing that.

  11. Robert Lyall says:

    Is there a way to adjust the width and height of the widget?

  12. i heard that embedding The Google Plus Reviews Into Your Website or WordPress Blog is actually a bad idea… can anyone help clarify this please?

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