Google Plus: A Must Have For Businesses & SEO

google-Plus-iconWhen Google Plus first came on the scene, I’ll be the first to admit – I really didn’t see the need for it.

I’m familiar with Google, and I’m familiar with the fantastic and positive effect using Google products can have on your SEO efforts.

Here’s the thing – if you have not already begun to use Google Plus as a platform for sharing and interacting – you are losing out on a valuable asset to your SEO arsenal, and by dedicating some time and effort into building a network on this robust social media platform, you can boost your results and your website credibility to almost instantaneous indexing of anything you post about.

Why Google Plus is a MUST HAVE for your business & SEO

Yes, Google Plus is a lot like Facebook – with some similarities. Instead of likes there are 1+’s. Shares, well, they’re shares. One cool thing that Google Plus does now, and Facebook is trying to incorporate – the hash tag. (Twitter, anyone?)

I like the hashtag feature in Google Plus because you can follow fun meme’s. For example, there are some fun ones on Google Plus right now – Try typing in #Caturday or  #FranceFriday.


Using the hash tag on Twitter has created some of the most successful and viral branding campaigns many businesses could ever have imagined. In fact, hash tags have even saved brands. A favorite example I’ll use is of my favorite TV show right now – #Scandal. By live -tweeting with the hash tag #AskScandal, a show that only had 6 episodes to start, and NO audience, was picked up for a second full season, and has created a massively loyal audience of #Gladiators.

Why is this important? Two reasons.

  1. Search Engine Power.  Hash tags show up in search.
  2. Google Plus is backed by Google Search.
  3. (Yes I said two, but I’m driving a point home here.) Google Plus is a Google product, powered by Google Search.

Get the drift??

Incorporating hash tags in Google Plus along with your brand, and creating a buzz around that hash tag can add sheer rocket fuel to your SEO efforts!

There are tons of amazing features that I won’t go into right now – other than the updated look of Google Plus (LOVE). What I will touch on is the amazing power of this social network, and how it can positively impact your website and Business brand SEO.

The core of this social network – the brawn behind the beauty if you will, is the Google Search Network. This search network dominates search with over 70% of ALL searches conducted on Google – and that power is what drives the importance of utilizing Google Plus into your social media strategy.

The Power of Personalized Search Results and How It Affects Google Search

Personalized Search Results

The power of Personalized Search results on a web page or public Google+ post is paramount. Google Plus will recommend content to your followers based on Google Plus Activity for that page.From the example above when I Google the term “Author Rank” Google will return search results based on recommended content from Google+ users. As you can see Google Search returns different search results when displaying content to non Google+ users or users that are not signed in.

Read more about how Google+ works here

Google Plus: is emerging as the premier social network for SEO

For years – the standard of SEO was typically measured by who dominated what search word and for how long, and the more competitive the keyword, the longer it would take for a new business to rank, if ever. Utilizing a strategic social media plan that incorporates Google Plus can be a game changer for a new or small business regardless of how long a bigger competitor has ranked there.

As they say, it’s not the game, it’s how it’s played. Get on it!

Where can I get professional help with Google+?

If your business or brand would like to get professional help with using Google+ as a new way to increase your brand awareness and website traffic please contact us

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