How To Create Craigslist HTML Ads With WordPress

craigslist-html-ad-designLearn how to create HTML formatted Craigslist ads using WordPress! In this tutorial I will show you how to easily create an SEO friendly HTML Craigslist Ad in under 5 minutes.

1. Log Into A WordPress Website

You will need to have access to a WordPress self hosted website (which I highly recommend) or you can create a WordPress Blog for free at Create a public blog and give it any name i.e. “Bob’s Craigslist Ads”. Make sure that your WordPress blog is public so that your images will be visible on Craigslist.

2. Create A New Page Or Post

Create New Post

Create a new Post or Page from the top navigation or left hand column navigation menu.

3. Give Your Ad A Title & Save Your Post

Add A Title To Your Craigslist Ad

Before you proceed make sure to save your Craigslist Ad in WordPress so that you can come back and edit it later.

4. Craigslist Ad Image In WordPress’s Visual Editor

Click here to upload your graphics. No need to use third party services like Flickr or Craigslist HTML generators. Everything here is done in the WordPress Visual Editor or WYSIWYG editor. If you plan on aligning your images left or right, the built in image align selector will not work. So you will have to add basic HTML attributes to your images by switching upir WordPress Visual Editor into Text Mode. For HTML image alignment attributes see this website


4. Format Your Headings and Content


Use the WordPress visual editor to format your content. Don’t use shortcodes, image galleries or any weird HTML because Craigslist uses basic HTML formats. We will keep the HTML formatting as simple as possible to ensure consistency. Feel free to put as much text and content as you would on a regular web page. Just make sure that your ad is written for your specific targeted audience and not stuffed with spammy content. You don’t want to get your Craigslist ad flagged for spam.

5. Optimize Your Craigslist Ad For Search Engine Optimization

Believe it or not you can use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your craigslist ads and they can show up in Google’s Search results if done properly. By doing this your ads are also searchable in Craigslist’s Search. In order to Optimize Your Craigslist Ads for search engines do the following best practices.

  1. Use your keywords in the Craigslist Ad title
  2. Make sure your Headings are related to the service or product that you are offering
  3. Make sure your ad content contains keywords specific to the service you are offering
  4. Make sure you provide links back to a page on your website that is specific to your Craigslist ad service or product

6. Copy The HTML Formatted Craigslist Ad

Now you are ready to post your HTML formatted ad on Craigslist.

1. You will have to copy ALL the HTML from your WordPress Visual Editor. To do that you need to switch from Visual Editor mode over to Text Mode. Select/highlight all of the HTML code in the visual editor, right click the selected text, then select COPY.


7. Paste All The WordPress Generated HTML into Craigslist

Now you are ready to post and preview your WordPress Generated Craigslist Ad.


8. Preview & Publish Your Craigslist Ad


And that’s it. Your WordPress generated Craigslist Ad is now ready to publish. Just following the remaining steps and your HTML ad will be posted.


You can use WordPress to create basic HTML formatted Craigslist ads that stand out and look professional. Always make sure to include your contact information and a link back to the product or service page on your website. Make sure to use your keywords in the Craigslist Ad Title, Headings & Content so that your ad will be visible on Craigslist Search and Google. Since these are HTML based ads you can use them on many classified ad websites across the internet. Have fun and remember to Post Responsibly!

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