How To Create Google Offers From A Google Plus Business Page

Learn how to create Google Offers on a Google+ Page

Creating Offers on a Google Plus Business Page can be a bit tricky if you don’t know where to look. In this Google Plus Tutorial I show you how to create a Google Offer within your Google Plus Business Page.  Google Offers are visible on Google Wallet, Google Offers and your Google Plus Business Pages.

NOTE: In order to create a Google Offer you must be the PAGE OWNER. At the time of me writing this post managers can not create Google Offers. You will also need to have a Verified Business page in order to create Google Offers.

Step 1. Open Your Dashboard In Your Google Plus Page


Log into your Google Plus page and place your mouse over the HOME button to expand the side-panel. From there you will see a dashboard link. Click on the Dashboard link so that you can see your business page settings.

Step 2. Find The Google Offers Card


The Google Offers Card will be on the bottom left corner of your dashboard. Click on the Create an offer button.

Step 3: Create Your Google Offer


Step 3.1 Click on the create button on the left hand page. Refer to the intro image at the top of this page. If you own multiple businesses make sure you select the correct business and location when creating your offer.

Step 3.2 Choose Percent off or Money off by selecting the appropriate radio button. (Note: you can not select both)

In this example we chose to take some money off the total price. If you notice on the preview pane on the right the offer is displayed prominently. It is important to make sure your offer is clear and concise. You do want people to redeem them after all.

Step 3.3 Add a photo to your offer by selecting a default image or by using a photo in your library. At the time of writing this post I was not able to upload an image or select a photo from my Google Plus page. It seemed to only let me select old images from my old Google Places page. Click on the next step button after selecting an image.

Step 4: Set Availability & Redemption


Step 4.1 Here you can set restrictions such as allowing 1 use per customer or allowing customers repeat usage.

Step 4.2 Set how many offers you want to make available by sliding the arrow to the desired quantity. This is also good to have if you expect to receive a high volume of redeemers.

Step 4.3 Set the time limit on your offers. Generally if you have a really exceptional offer you may want to put a short time limit on it so that you can precipitate sales.

Step 4.4 Select whether or not you want the offer to be redeemable every day. You can also select specific days by deselecting the check box. You can set further restrictions such as (Breakfast & Lunch Only or between 3 and 5 P.M.) in step 5 of this tutorial.

Step 5: Create Additional Restrictions, Set Locations & Offer Codes


Select eligible locations for your new google offer

Step 5.1 Select the business location where your new Google Offer is valid. If you have multiple locations you can select them here.

If you have many locations, i.e. you are a restaurant, hotel or retail chain, you can select all of your locations or specific locations that qualify for your Google Offer. Just be sure you select the correct location or you will anger a lot of people which can lead to a lot of bad reviews and even complaints about your business. Always make sure that your staff knows about these offers.

Step 5.2 Create an offer code. It does not have to be something complex. Simply create something that you and your staff can recognize and process easily.

Step 5.3 If everything looks good you can publish your offer. Don’t worry if you made a mistake you can change your Google Offer in the following steps.

Step 6: Confirmation & Google Offers Tips


Now sit back and relax because your Google Offer will start appearing soon. This offer that I created for this Google Offers tutorial was visible in Google Offers search within a few minutes.

Be sure to read the tips and download the Google Offers Redemption Guide which you can get here

Step 7: View & Manage Your Google Offers

Did you make a mistake or added your Google Offer to the wrong business location? Well Google Offers makes it easy to manage all of your offers in one easy place. All you have to do is click on the manage offers tab and you are ready to go.

Manage Google Offers

Here is a brief overview of what you can do to manage your Google Offers.

  • You can add new offers
  • View all details is located at the bottom of your offer card which shows you all the information that is displayed in your offer
  • On the top right of each offer card is the edit button where you can click to edit your offer and you can make any changes to your Google Offer

You Should Use Google Offers Because It Is Free

Business Owners

Google offers is 100% free. Yes it is similar to Groupon and Yelp offers but you don’t have to pay a staggering fee like you would with most groupon based business models.


Google Offers are a great way to advertise your products and services on major Google websites like Google Offers, Wallet, Google Play, and Google Plus Local, while giving your patrons a positive customer experience.

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