Is Organic SEO Necessary For Successful Online Marketing?

Organic SEO is a process used by Internet Marketers that is intended to naturally drive traffic to blogs and web pages through organic keyword searches.  Many website owners have controversial opinions on the processes of Organic SEO. While I am a strong believer in the processes of Organic SEO, I believe that it is necessary for successful online marketing.

Organic SEO Search Results

Benefits Of Utilizing Organic SEO

  • Organic SEO, when done correctly will create the majority of your online website traffic
  • The price of SEO “cost per conversion” is significantly less than PPC, paid advertising and other forms of online marketing
  • Site visitors from Organic Searches are more likely to view more pages and create interactions versus paid site visitors
  • You can capture more unique site visits by regularly creating useful and compelling blog articles
  • When done correctly Organic SEO can help promote your brand awareness
  • Organic search traffic historically has higher conversion rates than paid online advertisements

Creating A Successful SEO Strategy

Creating a well planned SEO strategy is crucial for online success. You will need to get your hands dirty with keyword research and build your website content around your researched keywords.

Use Different Sources For Keyword Research

The Google Adwords keyword tool is a great place to start. However the Google Adwords keyword tool only displays data based on Google Adwords impressions so your data may not be completely accurate. Here are some great keyword research tools that can help you devise a great organic search engine optimization strategy.

Not All Websites Are SEO Ready

Most websites can be optimized for organic search engine optimization. However some website designs are far better suited for Organic Search Engine Optimization than others. Here are a few design guidelines to go by when considering SEO. If your website meets any of the outlined conditions then you should seriously think about redesigning your website.

  • Do not use flash, while it’s OK to have some interactive elements in flash it is generally a bad idea to use flash for site content and navigation systems.
  • Always use HTML instead of images to render text such as headings, paragraphs and links. If your banners or sliders have text you can optimize them by creating background images with HTML based content in front of the image instead of placing text inside of your image files.
  • Make sure that your site’s navigation structure is well categorized and consistent throughout your website.
  • Your web pages should be well written for site visitors and not for search engine results. Nothing frustrates a site visitor more than landing on a spammy keyword stuffed page.
  • Use formatted lists to render your site navigation instead of naked HTML elements. Search Engines can get a better idea of your site’s navigation structure by doing this.
  • Don’t use JavaScript to render content. JavaScript generated content is virtually invisible to search engine spiders. When a search engine crawls a web page with JavaScript generated content it only reads the code used to generate the content and does not see the contents within JavaScript.
  • Using static webpages to optimize your website works but can also hinder your site’s ability to post content on a regular basis. Not to mention that adding navigation items to a static website can be a very time consuming task. If you must use a static website be prepared to be limited by what you can do to generate more website traffic.
  • Be careful when choosing a free or premium website template. I have seen many free and premium website templates that were SEO Friendly but were missing some key components for better search engine visibility. If choosing a template is the path you take, you may want to run a SEO check on the template to ensure that your website is not missing some major components that can adversely affect your keyword search results.

What About Social Media?

Affordable SEOSocial Media Marketing should be included with any well planned Organic SEO Campaign. In addition to getting a ton of direct traffic to your website from Social Media Marketing, Social Media can greatly contribute to your Organic SEO efforts. If you have hired a Social Media expert to manage your Social Media Marketing make sure that your SEO gets access to your Social Media pages to help maximize your organic SEO campaigns.

Our Data Shows That Organic SEO Works!

These Google Analytics charts are taken from three high traffic websites that I manage. Each chart demonstrates the power of organic search traffic as the best way to receive high quality traffic. The left hand column shows where the traffic is coming from and the right hand columns show important details about the behavior of your site visitors.

Organic SEO Search Traffic Reports

This chart below demonstrates not only that the majority of site visitors come from organic keyword searches it also proves that site visits from organic searches tend to have lower bounce rates, a significantly higher rate of pages visited and average visit durations when compared to other forms of internet marketing.

Chart Demonstrating Organic SEO VS Referral Traffic

The chart below illustrates that Organic SEO can greatly outperform a Google Adwords Campaign by getting more traffic in general. Also note that Organic Searchers have lower bounce rates and higher visit durations than Adwords site visitors.

Chart illustrating that organic seo generates higher quality site visits

What Is The Primary Benefit To Organic SEO Marketing?

The primary benefits of having a well thought out Organic SEO campaign is that you will receive more quality website traffic VS any other type of internet marketing campaign. There are some instances and situations that SEM or Social Media Marketing may outperform Organic SEO, however those cases are rare in today’s internet landscape.

Where Do I Start With Organic SEO Marketing?

There are many options available to you. The most affordable way to optimize your website for organic keyword searches is by doing it yourself. Here are a few resources that will help you get pointed in the right direction in terms of doing organic SEO yourself.

I Realize That I Want To Hire A Professional SEO Company. Who Can I Trust?

If you need to hire a professional SEO Company to optimize your website then I suggest using the following SEO Companies as they have an excellent online reputation and have been proven to get consistent results.

Concluding Thoughts On Organic SEO

Organic SEO is the cornerstone of any well balanced internet marketing campaign. Remember that SEO is not difficult but a lot of work. By educating yourself on the fundamentals of organic SEO you will be able to better identify what it will take to drive higher quality traffic to your website.

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One Response to Is Organic SEO Necessary For Successful Online Marketing?

  1. Jeff says:

    Good insights on the importance of SEO and how to accomplish. I think, though, that some of the stats you point to are a bit of a generalization. I too manage several national brand sites, and have high-traffic stats that show that SEO traffic isn’t always the most engaged (depth or length of visit) and isn’t always the best converting traffic.

    As with all ‘best practice’ info, it’s great to review for ideas, but everything should be considered and tested against your specific situation.

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