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Back Link SEO Ventura County Inbound Backlink Service

Backlink building is the process of creating backlinks that point to your website’s home page and content pages. The primary purpose of creating inbound links from related websites is to help increase the importance of your website’s content to search engines. I provide an ethical way of getting your site inbound backlinks from related websites.

How Do You Get Backlinks To My Site?

Direct Contact

I contact webmasters and blog owners directly, asking them to review your website and ask if they could provide a link to your website’s homepage. If done correctly over time this process will produce a steady increase in high quality relevant backinks to your website and help increase your website’s importance in Keyword Searches.

Social Media & Viral Marketing

By creating effective Social Media and Viral Marketing campaigns your website will naturally receive over time a steady increase of high quality backlinks that point back to your website and pages.

Hand Submitted Directory Listings

Hand Submitted Directory Listings are not as important to Search Engines as they used to be. However Google and other search engines do follow directory links from many online directories.

What makes your Hand Submitted Directory Listings special?

I have over ten years of Hand Submitted Directory Listings experience. I know how to get your site accepted into major website directories such as DMOZ and Yahoo Directory. Remember that most directory submissions get rejected because poor quality sites that do not meet the directory’s quality guidelines. As a former editor for DMOZ (The most important directory that you can be listed in ever), I can say that many submissions get rejected for a wide number of reasons. I follow each directory’s submission guidelines and have a high rate of success of getting your website included into the directory’s index. Even Yahoo Directory (The second most important directory ever) charges a three hundred dollar inclusion fee and does not guarantee inclusion into the directory with no refunds. Let me handle your directory submissions for you and get your site included into Internet Directories the ethical and professional way.

Automatic Directory Submissions

Automatic Directory Submissions is just what is says it is, it’s an automatic service done with the push of a button. Again the primary reason why these submissions get rejected is because of inexperience with Directory Submissions and Directory Submission Guidelines. I take out all of the guesswork and frustration with this service and get the job done right and get your site listed.

Can You Give Me A List Of Websites & Directories That You Get Links From?

Once your website starts receiving backlinks from Google we will be able to provide you with a list of backlinks that each search engine has crawled and followed to your website. Most of the time the lists will vary from search engine to search engine. Over time Google and other search engines crawl the web and find the backlinks from websites, social media sites and directories that point to your website. These links over time are reported to your Google Webmaster Tools account and then you can see the number of links and pages that Google has accepted as backlinks to your website.

We Now Offer 0 Interest Financing On All Of Our Organic SEO Campaigns

How Much Does Your Backlink Building Service Cost?

The cost of backlinking is based on actual labor. I have backlink building packages that range from $100 to $500 per month. Of course the more competitive your competition’s backlinks and SEO efforts are the more you will will have to compete to catch up and surpass your competition. Please be aware that Backlink building is only one component of Search Engine Optimization and should never be substituted for a well balanced Internet Marketing strategy.

Do You Outsource Your Backlinking Service?

No! All of the backlink building is handled in house by me or by my assistants. I DO NOT outsource my link building service for ethical and accountability reasons. We check for errors in spelling and grammar and write descriptive content that is genuine and engaging to your potential customers. With us we don’t take shortcuts or do a half baked job in creating backlinks to your website that could result in serious damage to your SEO rankings.

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