Local Internet Marketing

Local Internet Marketing Service: $129.00, no recurring fees!

Our small business local listing service is an affordable way to get your business listed in Google Places, Bing, Yahoo Local Search and Mobile Search Sites. If you own a local business then you need to get listed on Local Business Searches. We create your listing with creative, professional writing, video, images, and coupons that will make your business stand out from your competition. Sign up with confidence because there are no outrageous monthly fees.

Your Local Internet Marketing Service Includes

  • Google Places Setup
  • Yahoo Local Setup
  • Bing Local Setup
  • 3 other listing providers

Local Internet Marketing Features:

  • Professionally written business description
  • Local listings are created under your name so you own it
  • Keyword optimized business description
  • We place your business in the proper listing categories
  • Add your coupons to your listings
  • We upload images of your products or services to your local business profiles
  • Upload your videos to your local business profiles
  • 100% Completion all your local business listing information
  • Enhanced visibility on popular search engines

We Now Offer 0 Interest Financing On All Of Our Local SEO Campaigns

Extended Internet Marketing: $229.00, no recurring fees!

 This extended local listing service includes all the great features as the Small Business Local Listing Service and comes with more professional listings on popular consumer and ratings website like Yelp, Merchant Circle and more! All accounts are created in your name and account passwords and emails will be transferred to you when the project is completed. No outrageous monthly fees, just hard work and quality service.

Compare To Yext And Save

All of your local business listings include the same features that you would pay anywhere from $41 to $199 per month. At Global Web FX we only charge you for creating and optimizing your listings.

  • Google Places Listing Creation
  • Yahoo Local Listing Listing Creation
  • Yelp Business Profile Creation
  • Bing Local Listing Creation
  • Merchant Circle Listing Creation
  • YellowPages.com Listing Creation
  • Show Me Local Listing Creation
  • Bizz Spot Local Listing Creation
  • Plus 3 more listings on additional local websites directories

Local Listing Features

  • Local listings are created under your name so you own it
  • Well written business description
  • Add your coupons to your listing
  • We upload images of your products or services to your local profiles
  • Upload your videos to your local profiles
  • 100% Completion all your business profiles.
  • Guaranteed Phone Or Postcard Verification
  • Increased exposure on Google and Major Search Engines

Your local business listing package features a Google Places Account, upload your logos, videos, and write a fully optimized Google Places description along with all the details for your small business or local business!

Why choose us to setup your local listings?

  • Why pay monthly fees? Don’t pay anywhere from $41 – $199 per month for this exact same service!
  • No spammy descriptions, duplicate content, hype or hoopla! We write quality content for your local listings.
  • We don’t spam the internet with misleading information that can get your site blacklisted.
  • We take care in ensuring that all of your listing information is accurate and well written.

We save you time and frustration! We have been doing local listing and SEO services since 2003!

Quality & Ethics Is Our Priority

We ensure that your local listings will be completed with the highest quality of standards. We are an entirely U.S.A. based company that takes pride in providing high value SEO services at affordable prices.

Buyer Beware Of Local Listing Scams!

Today there are many black hat SEO companies claiming that they will guarantee that your Google Places listing will be in the first spot for all of your keywords and then charge you a monthly fee for it. Global Web FX Inc. hears these complaints by disgruntled clients on a daily basis.

It is impossible to guarantee a first spot on Google Places or Google Search. The below content was taken directly from Google’s Blog.

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google Places.

Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google. There is no priority submit for Google.

We guarantee that we will:

  1. Get your listings verified with your Listing Providers
  2. Create a professionally written business description
  3. Ensure that all fields are entered with accurate data about your business
  4. Do a thorough job

We ARE NOT affiliated with Google Places, Yahoo, Bing, or any other Local Search Engine.

We are an independent local listing service that provides professional local listing assistance to business owners. Anyone that states that they are Google or are partners with Google for local listing services is a scam.

I Personally Manage & Create Your Local Internet Marketing Campaigns

Matthew Shuey CEO Global Web FX Inc.My name is Matthew Shuey. I am a local internet marketing expert based in Ventura County California. I offer high quality local internet marketing services to small businesses located throughout the United States. By hiring me you can rest assured that your your local internet marketing campaigns will be optimized and completed with 100% accuracy.