Small Business Local SEO – Claim Your Google Places Listings

Claiming your Google Places Listing will help your business show up in local searches for your business/industry.

This is a very important step to help your business show up online for searches that are conducted in your area, for your product or service.

This blog will show you the simple steps to claiming your Google Places Listing, within minutes.

First go to Google, and do a search for Google Places.

Claim Google Places Listing

When you are at the sign in screen, sign in with your Gmail account.

Claim Google Places Listings
If you do not have a gmail account, click the red sign up button at the top left corner of your screen.

Create Google Places Account

You will be allowed to create an account using the email of your choice.

After you have created your account, you will be asked to confirm your account by logging into your email, and clicking the verification link.

Click to confirm Google Places Email

Now that your account is confirmed, Log in.

At this point you will be asked to confirm your business phone number. It is important to use the phone number registered with your business.

Confirm Business Phone Number For Google Places Listing

For this example, we will use a previous client to show you what you should see.

If your business is found, click edit.

Confirm Correct Google Places Listing

If your business is not found, or the information that you find is incorrect, such as wrong business name, click add new listing.

Fill in ALL fields on this page as accurately as possible, and include business website if you have one.
Fill out description for Google Places Listing
One important thing to note: Your business will show up more frequently if it is tied to a business location.

Make sure that your business address is accurate, as people will use this to generate driving directions to your location.

Now prior to submitting your information, please make sure to take special care in filling out the fields under Additional details.

Google Places Listing Additional Details

This will help with your search engine optimization.

Adding brand names that you carry, areas serviced, credit cards that you accept, and other details that set you apart from your competitors will help you
to show up for these searches when a potential customer does a search for these products or services local to you.


You will either have the opportunity to confirm your listing immediately, via a phone call – OR Google may opt to send you a postcard with a Pin number.

If you are confirming your business via a postcard, once you receive the post card, make sure to sign in to your Google places account, and enter the pin number to
activate your business profile.

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request here:

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