The Evolution Of GlobalWebFX Inc. – Our Website Design History 2002-2013

The other day I was reflecting on my current website and how I have changed the look and feel of my website designs throughout the years. While my early website work is nothing worth writing home about, I must admit that my website designs from 2002 look better than some of my competitions current websites in 2013. And not just in color and neat graphics but in overall aesthetics , useability and call to action. So I decided to share with you the many faces of GlobalWebFX Inc. since 2002.


I was learning Apache Software and decided to setup my own Apache Server and point my domain over to my own personal web server at home. I was still learning HTML at the time and was not offering any website design or SEO services to the public at the time.

GlobalWebFX Inc. 2002


In 2003 I started to take on web design projects in Ventura County, CA. While this is not my favorite website design it is still better than many of my competitor’s websites in 2013.

GlobalWebFX Inc. 2003


My web design skills got a little better but I am not particularly proud of this website design. The funniest thing about this website design is that I have a “sick stalker/competitor” that designed his website to look like this one. I’ll show you a comparison at the end of this blog post.

2004 GlobalWebFX Inc.


In 2006 I refined my website to look more professional and less cluttered. This website design was more user friendly and easy to read. This website really helped my business grow.



In 2008 I changed my entire web design process. Instead of coding a website and building graphics into it, I decided to create mockup designs in Adobe PhotoShop & Adobe Illustrator then write my source code according the measurements and designs of my mockups. This really helped me create better looking websites and the process even sped up the entire design process by allowing me to re-design website elements and then showing them to my clients before actually writing the source code. I received a-lot of compliments on this website.



In 2010 I re-designed my website but didn’t have the time to design it into a working website. In early 2012 I decided that I had to build this thing out if I am going to stay competitive in this highly competitive landscape. I launched this website in May of 2012.

The coolest thing about this website is that ALL THE GRAPHICS were created by us.

Most of the concept and design was my idea with some inpsiration and some vector design by Devin Petroff a long time friend and colleague in the internet marketing business.

This website has received several awards in the area of High Tech Website Design and Futuristic Concepts. This website has also received honorable mentions from some of the top web designers around the world. The current website is also featured across many design inspiration websites across the internet.


A Funny Comparison

So I have this really annoying competitor that for some reason likes to follow me around everywhere and copy me. So I decided to show a comparison of my 2004 website to his current 2013 website for kicks and giggles.

My Website In 2004

2004 GlobalWebFX Inc.

Their Website In 2013


Notice the globe peeking out in the corner on his website then notice the globe peeking out on mine as well.Also notice the color scheme is similar to my 2004 website.

The big difference is that my website design is made from scratch and works extremely well with colors and branding. The other website is just a bunch of clip art slapped together giving the site header a “cheap” imitation look.

My Website In 2013


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