Photoshop To HTML/CSS, WordPress Conversion

Photoshop To HTML/CSS is a service created specifically for Graphic Designers and UI designers that need their Photoshop or Illustrator files transformed into a search engine friendly HTML or WordPress Website.

Photoshop to HTML/CSS Conversion

How I Convert Your Photshop Design Into Valid HTML/CSS Code?

Photoshop files and web pages have one thing in common, both are designed in layers. Not HTML layer tags but the properties of HTML tags can be styled through CSS and jQuery to behave as layered elements similar to design elements found in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks files.  All Photoshop to HTML conversions are guaranteed to be cross browser compatible, functional and search engine friendly.

Do You Use Slices & Hotspots Then Export To HTML?

No Photoshop Sliced HTMLNo! I have found this technique to generate non standard compliant HTML code and render a website’s content to be completely invisible to Search Engines. I completely hand code your Photoshop designs into Valid HTML 5 and CSS3 markup code.


Do You Use Photoshop Plugins Like Site Grinder?

Comparison of Site Grinder to hand coding HTMLNo! While site grinder generates cleaner HTML code than Photoshop’s built in HTML generator, site grinder does not encourage the use of proper HTML coding and site structure which in turn can really hurt your chances at ranking favorably in popular search engines such as Google Search, Yahoo, Bing and others. All’s Photoshop To HTML Conversions are guaranteed to be search engine friendly.

What Do You Use To Convert My Site Into HTML?

I use Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks and Dreamweaver to convert your website into Valid HTML Markup. I take measurements of your site’s elements, I export your layers, then I write Valid HTML 5/CSS 3 markup and integrate it with dynamic web applications and like WordPress, Joomla. I can also add custom jQuery elements to your design such as slideshows, modal popups, lightboxes, and tabbed content.

Do You Do Photoshop To WordPress or Joomla?

Yes I do. In fact all of my custom websites are designed in Photoshop, Illustrator, & Fireworks and then hand coded into valid HTML markup, then integrated into WordPress, Joomla and custom web applications. I can work with you in creating a WordPress or Joomla website based on your design specifications.

We Now Offer 0 Interest Financing On All Of Our PhotoShop To HTML Conversions over $100.00

How Much Does It Cost?

I charge an hourly rate of $50 per hour for Photoshop to HTML Conversion. I am dependable, experienced and provide 100% design accuracy on all Photoshop to HTML conversions

Call 805-620-0742 or contact me using the form to the right and I can give you a quote based on your design.