SQL Database Development

SQL Database DesignGlobalWebFX.com specializes in SQL 2008 Database Design and Integration. We can create SQL databases for any situation. From mobile app development to mobile device integration, to porting your existing MS Access Database to an SQL 2008 Database, we can help you gain access to your data using Microsoft’s state of the art database servers.

Database Design

If you have alot of data and would like to learn how to user SQL server databases to give your ability to search, calculate, make informed decisions based on your own database, then we can help you design your database and give you ability to get to that data securely over the web.

Device Integration

All devices like cell phones, cameras, cellular modems, loggers are data gatherers of information. This data can be transmitted over the internet via fixed lines or wirelessly. There are many ways of doing this using standard protocols like UPD, TCP and web services. We can also help you get this data to your databases for all your reporting needs.

Integrate With Third Party API’s

The web is continuing to grow and one of the fastest growing areas is in web services. You have heard of Amazon, Google, Bing, Flickr, Facebook, Sears, and the New york times. All these companies have web services for their customers to use. We will integrate with any existing web service from any company and bring your requested data to your database. We can also develop your own web service so that others can interact with your database. You might want to use this for creating your own App so that you or your customers can view and manipulate your data.

Port Your Existing Database To SQL Server

If you our your company have an existing database that is taking too much effort to maintain or if you are ready to upgrade your database to the current state of the art with a web presence then we are ready to take your data and convert it. We will convert from access, filemaker pro, excel files, flat files or any other database to SQL 2008.

Generate Reports

We can design any kind of report for viewing your extensive database and making it available wherever you are via the web.

Add Value To Your Organization

These days we are bombarded with more and more data. You could be in the legal field or in the medical field and need to use the data more efficiently to give your business an edge over your competitors. You could integrate your own data with existing external databases and thus give you a better ability to make critical decisions. The data could be images, videos, sounds, notes, names, addresses etc.

Create A Web Presence

A database is meant to grow. These days it can grow for the rest of your life. You want this data to be organized properly so that you can perform calculations or searches efficiently. We can get you started by organizing your data and giving your the ability view it on the web securely.

You Will Own Your Own Software & Databases

All our software is written using ASP.net, MVC3, JQuery and will be owned by your business.

The Cloud Or Your Own Server

These days almost everything is being set up on the cloud. We can easily do this for you or if you would like to have your own server at your facility we can set one up with your database and web interface.

Extended Functionality

Need more than just a Database? We can help with the following.

  • Send emails from your web site
  • Send SMS from your web site
  • Generate PDFS of reports

Contact GlobalWebFX.com for more information about how we can help your organization expand with our creative and cutting edge SQL Database Design Services.