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This Position Has Been Filled

I would like to thank everyone that submitted their resume’s. All of you are great web designers and hopefully I will be able to hire all of you in the near future.

Thanks again and keep designing!

Contact GlobalWebFX.comGlobal Web FX Inc. is a growing Ventura County  Web Design & SEO Company that is seeking a professional web designer to create small business websites for small businesses & entrepreneurs located around the world. If you have a passion for design and function then this is a perfect opportunity to hone your skills.

Position Requirements

  • Must be local (Outsourcing Companies Do Not Call!)
  • Have the ability to design stunning graphics
  • Have the ability to illustrate a marketing message effectively
  • Knowledge or education in traditional forms of advertising & marketing
  • Expert knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • WordPress Theme Design & Integration “Not WordPress Template Installers/Customizers”
  • Joomla Theme Design & Integration “Not Joomla Template Installer/Customizer
  • Advanced Adobe PhotoShop Skills
  • Intermediate to Advanced Adobe Illustrator Skills
  • Advanced Adobe DreamWeaver Skills
  • Ability to read & write in PHP code e.g. conditional statements, WordPress Codex implementation, Joomla overides or source code hacking
  • Ability to design hip creatives
  • Ability to design professional creatives
  • Versatile
  • Positive attitude

Education & Experience Requirements

A bachelors degree in digital media, marketing or design is helpful but not required. If you have strong web design skills but no formal education in this area of focus you will have an equal opportunity for this position.

Our Mission

Global Web FX Inc’s philosophy is to help strengthen our local economy by building successful websites for small businesses located in Ventura County and by hiring local talent that can physically interact with our clients.

Attention Outsourcing Firms, Web Design Companies & Template Customizers

  • This is a local position for local web designers
  • Outsourcing companies do not call!
  • This is an in house position for freelance web designers located near Ventura County.
  • Your skills will be inspected for authenticity. We are looking for skilled web designers “the people that actually design and build the templates that template customizers use”

Please send your resume to webmaster@globalwebfx.com | Outsourcing companies do not contact for this position as your messages will automatically get blocked from our system.

About Matthew Shuey

I focus on internet marketing, front end web development and social media services for entrepreneurs and startups in the United States. I'm an avid Google+ user and I am easily accessible there. For more information please visit my Google+ Profile

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